Baby Homi has many stories to tell about growing up and surviving the brutal streets of ‘Izzy Block’ Newark (NJ) through sheer will, determination and heart. With his soft to fiery range, piercing stare and limitless talent, Baby Homi has the rare capability of extolling passion pain and fire in his music, similar to predecessor Lil’ Wayne but uniquely gifted in mind, rhymes and spirit and his stories are destined for worldwide acclaim. Discovered by mega-producer JaMiek Lakins, Baby Homi is an adrenaline – fueled multi-faceted hip-hop performer, lyricist, vocalist, graphic artist, actor, writer and collaborator. As a witness and survivor of his brutal environment and tattooed in beloved memory of lost-too-soon friends and family, Baby Homi rose above the statistics and chose to fight back with love to emerge the young prolific artist and urban poet he is today.



Baby Homi’s authentic history and distinct raspy vocals evoke the spirit of every gangster struggling to survive and his intense passion continues to shine a light of hope onto his growing fan base. Live fearless performances create a powerful energy where his freestyle skills with the #HVF family continue to amaze and entertain every time!



Like his respected hip-hop predecessors, Baby Homi is now the undisputed King of New Jersey, determined ambitious and ready to sell out stadiums with confidence and powerful testimony to promote awareness and change. Baby Homi’s extraordinary talent, personal style and X-factor fire will continue to blaze a trail for the future of the music industry.